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Business law is also known as corporate law and commercial law. It is the law dealing with transactions, relations, rights, and conduct of people and businesses, including deals, agreements, contracts, sales, trade, and merchandising.

Contract Disputes

Although many contracts are in writing, many perfectly legal contracts are never written. Not surprisingly, contract disputes can arise many ways, and take many shapes and sizes. Contracting parties often disagree on who has fulfilled their contractual obligations, and who has not. A breach of contract often causes a contract dispute. When one party has failed to perform a particular agreement according to the contract, the other contracting party has rights to deal with that breach. Texas law generally allows the prevailing party in a contract case to recover its attorneys’ fees from the other party.

Business Problems

There are many problems that can arise if you own or manage a business. The most common of these are:

Entity formation and planning

Liability insulation

Contracts with third parties

Employee issues




Each of these can be managed appropriately by working proactively to stop these problems before they become serious legal issues. Following the law on employment discrimination, harassment, and immigration will keep your business from facing costly legal disputes.

Fighting about Money

Many businesses begin to fail when the parties involved disagree about money. Business partners can see things very differently, and take money out of the business differently than the other partner thinks is fair. Lewis Coppedge can help you sort out those problems, and work out a fair solution.

Many people find themselves in fights over money with relatives, current or former business associates, friends, and investors. If you are fighting about money, call Lewis Coppedge at (806) 350-7533 for help.

Collecting Money Owed to You

When others just won’t pay what they owe, many businesses and individuals are forced to seek help in collecting debts. If you need help collecting money you are owed, call Lewis Coppedge.

Understanding Complicated Finances

Finances can be complicated and difficult to understand. Contracts, loan documents, inheritance rights, and other legal papers can be so involved that even experts have trouble fully comprehending them. If you need help with your finances or business dealings, call Lewis Coppedge for help.

Inheritance Fights

A death in your family can cause highly emotional reactions which often result in battles over inheritance rights. Wills can provide the answers, or guidance, but wills can also be challenged under the right circumstances. Will contests can also be expensive to the estate and to the challenger. If you need help with an inheritance dispute, call Lewis Coppedge at (806) 350-7533.